Perfectly Level

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Vegard Solheim Theriault. I'm an iOS developer at MOON Wearables, and a computer science student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


Need that table to be completely level, but just can't find the tool to do the job? Perfectly Level has you covered.

Perfectly Level is a highly sensitive and accurate spirit tool that is simple to use, and easy to understand. It emits beeps to let you know how close you are to being in level, even if you can't see the screen. The faster the beeps, the closer you are.

Perfectly Level can easily be used by everyone. It supports most major accessibility features such as Voice Over, Speak Screen, Darker Colors, Bold Text, and Reduce Motion.



If you have any feedback or something you'd like me to improve in Perfectly Level, you can contact me on Twitter @PerfectlyLevel, or via email